Continental Bakery and Good People Brewing Company collaborate

Women making beer...

I found a new bread in the Continental Bakery today. It looks like it’s on the heavier side, but it is moist and soft, extremely good, and it turns out to be the result of a kind of collaboration of the Good People Brewing Company and the Continental Bakery called “Spent Grain Bread.” Some say that 92% of the grain used in beer brewing is wasted, though it is still full of nutrients, so what better use for the spent grain than making bread. It can also be used for enriching soil and feeding cattle, but cattle do better on grass, I’m sure, and the word is that hops are not at all good for dogs, either.

Here’s an article showing us that beer-making was historically a women’s job…

Anyway, the Continental Bakery‘s spent-grain bread is very good!

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  1. Haynes says:

    Yes, and one suspects that the fermentation process begun in the brewery puts those vitamins and minerals in the “mash” in a state where they can be readily absorbed. Who knew we’d get good bread as a fermented food? Blows my mind!

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